GET /dropship-providers/{id}.json

GET /dropship-providers/{id}.json

Path parameters

  • id integer(int64) Required

    Numeric ID of the instance

    Minimum value is 1.


  • 200 application/json

    Successful response

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • addressLineOne string | null

      Address line one

    • addressLineTwo string | null

      Address line two

    • addressRouting string | null

      Address routing

      Values are default or requireAssigned.

    • adminNotes string | null

      Admin notes

    • anyVendor boolean | null Required

      Any vendor

      Default value is false.

    • applyDiscountCode boolean | null Required

      Apply discount code

      Default value is false.

    • applyReturnPenalty string | null Required

      Generate invoices for cancelled orders with the flexibility to apply adjustments

      Values are disabled or enabled. Default value is disabled.

    • Authentication secret

    • authenticationToken string | null

      Authentication token

    • automaticallyPickup boolean | null

      Automatically pickup

    • automaticallySendLabel boolean | null Required

      Automatically send label

      Default value is false.

    • calculateCostPrices boolean | null

      Calculate cost prices

    • city string | null


    • combineRates boolean | null Required

      Combine rates

      Default value is false.

    • commissionGrossTax boolean | null Required

      When this setting is enabled, commission will be calculated based on the gross amount paid by the customer. If the setting is disabled, commission will be calculated based on the net amount paid by the customer, which is the default calculation method.

      Default value is false.

    • commissionMethod string | null Required

      Commission method

      Values are retained or reverse. Default value is retained.

    • commissionPriceInventoryFeedId integer(int32) | null

      Commission price inventory feed

    • commissionRate number | null

      Commission rate

    • commissionRateBase string | null Required

      Values are inventoryFeedVariant or saleItem. Default value is saleItem.

    • Commission rate discount

    • commissionRateDiscountCodes array[string] | null

      Commission rate discount codes

    • commissionRateDiscountScope string | null Required

      Commission rate discount scope

      Values are all, selected, or exclude. Default value is all.

    • Commission rate discount split

      Default value is 100.

    • Commission rate endpoint

    • Commission rate endpoint hash

    • commissionRateFixedType string | null Required

      Commission rate fixed type

      Values are set_to or deduct_by. Default value is deduct_by.

    • commissionRateShipping number | null Required

      Commission rate shipping

      Default value is 0.

    • commissionRateType string | null

      Commission rate type

      Values are percentage or fixed.

    • Commission reverse tax included

    • commissionTaxCalculation string | null Required

      Commission tax calculation

      Values are disabled or manual. Default value is disabled.

    • commissionTaxRateId integer(int32) | null

      Commission tax rate

    • companyReferralId integer(int32) | null

      Company referral

    • countries array[string] | null


    • country string | null


    • countryFilter string | null Required

      Country filter

      Values are all, include, or exclude. Default value is all.

    • createdAt string(date-time)

      Created at

    • currencyId integer(int32) | null


    • customCarriers string | null

      Values are all, selected, or none.

    • dailyEmailBatches string | null Required

      Daily email batches

      Values are split or combine. Default value is split.

    • defaultAddress string | null Required

      Default address

      Values are default or selected. Default value is default.

    • defaultReturnAddress string | null Required

      Default return address

      Values are default or selected. Default value is default.

    • defaultShippingCode string | null

      Default shipping code

    • defaultWeight number(float) | null Required

      Default weight

      Default value is 0.

    • defaultWeightUnit string | null Required

      Default weight unit

      Values are g, kg, oz, or lb. Default value is g.

    • discountCode string | null

      Discount code

    • dropshipProviderAddressId integer(int32) | null

      Dropship provider address

    • Dropshipment splitting endpoint

    • emailCopy boolean | null Required

      Email copy

      Default value is false.

    • enablePublishing boolean | null Required

      Enable publishing

      Default value is false.

    • eoriNumber string | null

      Eori number

    • externalId string | null


    • externalPaymentId string | null

      External payment

    • externalPaymentStatus string | null Required

      Select whether the order should be marked as paid within the dropship providers store or if financial status should be ignored . Some dropship providers may require orders to be immediately marked as paid if they have a shipping or 3PL system connected. This does not affect the financial status of the order in your store, only the way it is synced to the vendor’s platform.

      Values are ignore, unpaid, onPayment, or onOrder. Default value is ignore.

    • firstName string | null

      First name

    • Ftp shipment import delimiter

    • ftpShipmentImportType string | null Required

      Ftp shipment import type

      Values are single or combined. Default value is single.

    • Generate payload endpoint

    • Generate shipping labels

    • id integer(int32)


    • ignoreCostPriceAlerts boolean | null Required

      Ignore cost price alerts

      Default value is false.

    • importAdjustments boolean | null

      Import adjustments

    • Include customer email

      Values are customer, company, companyUnique, reference, or none.

    • includeCustomerInvoice string | null Required

      Include customer invoice

      Values are none, vendor, or sale. Default value is none.

    • includeCustomerPhone boolean | null

      Include customer phone

    • includeInvoice boolean | null Required

      Include invoice

      Default value is false.

    • Include label in packing slip

    • includeOrderSummary boolean | null Required

      Include order summary

      Default value is true.

    • includePackingSlip boolean | null Required

      Include packing slip

      Default value is true.

    • intercomMessageId string | null

      Intercom message

    • internalNotes string | null

      Internal notes

    • Internal reference template

    • Internal reference template date format

    • internalTags array[string] | null

      Internal tags

    • inventoryRouting boolean | null

      Inventory routing

    • inventorySetup string | null

      Inventory setup

      Values are feed, mapped, or none.

    • inventorySetupStatus string | null Required

      Inventory setup status

      Values are pending, requested, complete, or error. Default value is complete.

    • Inventory setup status message

    • invoiceIssuer string | null Required

      Invoice issuer

      Values are marketplace or dropshipProvider. Default value is marketplace.

    • invoiceNotification string | null

      Invoice notification

      Values are staff, dropship_provider, both, or none.

    • Automatically invoice the vendor for the cost of return labels generated through Onport. For example, if you provide the customer with a returns label in Onport, the vendor will have their payout deducted by the cost of the label.

    • Invoice return shipping type

      Values are addition or deduct.

    • invoiceShipping boolean | null

      Invoice shipping

    • invoiceShippingEligibility string | null Required

      Invoice shipping eligibility

      Values are all or freeShipping. Default value is all.

    • Invoice shipping source

      Values are shippingRate, dropshipment, customer, or transaction.

    • invoiceShippingSources array[string] | null

      Add specific invoice sources to ensure vendors are paid only when the shipping rate selected by a customer at checkout matches the vendor's shipping source.

      WARNING: Sources are case sensitive

    • invoiceShippingTax boolean | null

      When this setting is enabled, shipping tax will be added to vendor invoices.

    • invoiceShippingType string | null

      Invoice shipping type

      Values are addition, deduct, or commission.

    • invoiceTaxSource string | null Required

      Choose the source that should be used for determining the tax rate when calculating payouts.

      Values are manual or order. Default value is order.

    • invoiceTemplateId integer(int32) | null

      Invoice template

    • invoiceTerms string | null

      Invoice terms

    • invoicingStage string | null

      Invoicing stage

      Values are beforeShipping, afterShipping, delivered, or manual.

    • isValid boolean | null Required

      Is valid

      Default value is true.

    • labelCountries array[string] | null

      Label countries

    • labelError string | null Required

      Label error

      Values are prevent or tracking. Default value is prevent.

    • labelFormat string | null Required

      Label format

      Values are pdf, png, pdf_4x6, or pdf_4x8. Default value is pdf.

    • labelName string | null

      Label name

    • labelRouting string | null

      Label routing

      Values are bestMatch or cheapest.

    • labelScope string | null Required

      Label scope

      Values are all, domestic, international, or selected. Default value is all.

    • lastName string | null

      Last name

    • magentoAgreementId string | null

      Magento agreement

    • magentoStoreId integer(int32) | null

      Magento store

    • Minimum order requirements

    • monthlyPaymentDay integer(int32) | null Required

      Monthly payment day

      Default value is 1.

    • muteError boolean | null Required

      Mute error

      Default value is false.

    • name string Required


    • orderCarrierCode string | null

      Order carrier code

    • orderCurrencyCode string | null

      Order currency code

    • orderEndpointPath string | null

      Order endpoint path

    • orderEndpointUrl string | null

      Order endpoint url

    • Order flatten seperator

    • orderFormat string | null Required

      Order format

      Values are csv, json, or xml. Default value is csv.

    • orderLanguageCode string | null

      Order language code

    • orderMinimum boolean | null

      Order minimum

    • orderMinimumAmount number | null

      Order minimum amount

    • orderPlatform string | null

      Order platform

      Values are api, bigCommerce, digital, email, ftp, magento, magentoLegacy, manual, other, phone, prestaShop, shipstation, shopify, squareSpace, tradeGecko, website, wooCommerce, or wooCommerceLegacy.

    • orderSetupStatus string | null Required

      Order setup status

      Values are pending, requested, complete, or error. Default value is pending.

    • Order setup status message

    • orderSplitting string | null Required

      Order splitting

      Values are group, splitQuantity, splitTag, or endpoint. Default value is group.

    • Order splitting endpoint

    • orderStatusCode string | null

      Order status code

    • orderTemplateId integer(int32) | null

      Order template

    • orderTemplateType string | null Required

      Order template type

      Values are none, custom, or default. Default value is none.

    • orderUseProxy boolean | null

      Order use proxy

    • ostUser string | null

      Ost user

    • packagingWeight integer(int32) | null Required

      Packaging weight

      Default value is 0.

    • packingSlipFromLabel string | null Required

      Packing slip from label

      Values are orderedFrom or shippedFrom. Default value is orderedFrom.

    • payAutomatically boolean | null

      Automatically pay the vendor for any outstanding invoices. Vendors will be sent a confirmation email. You will also receive an alert if any payments aren't successfully sent (e.g. the payment source is declined).

    • paymentCode string | null

      Payment code

    • paymentDay string | null Required

      Payment day

      Values are monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, or sunday. Default value is monday.

    • paymentDayMonthly string | null Required

      Payment day monthly

      Values are firstMonday, firstDay, lastDay, lastFriday, or manual. Default value is firstDay.

    • paymentDays integer(int32) | null

      Payment days

    • paymentMessage string | null

      Payment message

    • paymentMethodId integer(int32) | null

      Payment method

    • paymentModule string | null

      Payment module

      Values are enabled, disabled, or restricted.

    • paymentNotes string | null

      Payment notes

    • paymentSchedule string | null Required

      Payment schedule

      Values are daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Default value is daily.

    • paymentScheduler string | null Required

      Payment scheduler

      Values are default or custom. Default value is default.

    • paymentSetupStatus string | null Required

      Payment setup status

      Values are pending, requested, complete, or error. Default value is pending.

    • Payment setup status message

    • paypalEmail string | null

      Paypal email

    • pdfEndpoint string | null

      Pdf endpoint

    • phone string | null


    • platformCurrencyId integer(int32) | null

      Platform currency

    • Platform customer external

    • platformDiscount string | null Required

      Platform discount

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • platformExportReturns string | null Required

      Platform export returns

      Values are none or always. Default value is none.

    • platformInvoiceAddress string | null Required

      Platform invoice address

      Values are customer, company, or none. Default value is company.

    • platformLocation string | null

      Platform location

    • platformNotes boolean | null

      Platform notes

    • platformNotification string | null Required

      Platform notification

      Values are enable, disable, or default. Default value is default.

    • platformPrice string | null Required

      When syncing orders directly with a vendor's store, you can control which price should be set for the items. Some vendors might want you to send the full retail price, whereas others may want you to send the price you are paying them for the item (e.g. the retail price minus the commission).

      Values are purchase, sale, platform, zero, inventoryFeed, or priceList. Default value is purchase.

    • platformPriceFallback string | null Required

      Select a fallback price to use when syncing an order to a vendor's store and there is no inventory feed connected.

      Values are purchase, sale, zero, or priceList. Default value is zero.

    • platformPriceListId integer(int32) | null

      Platform price list

    • platformProducts string | null Required

      Platform products

      Values are connected, notConnected, or all. Default value is connected.

    • platformProperties string | null Required

      Platform properties

      Values are default, optionValues, or notes. Default value is default.

    • Platform shipping code

    • platformShippingCost boolean | null Required

      Platform shipping cost

      Default value is false.

    • platformShippingMapping string | null Required

      Platform shipping mapping

      Values are default, mapping, or override. Default value is default.

    • platformShippingMappingFallback string | null Required

      Platform shipping mapping fallback

      Values are default, none, or override. Default value is default.

    • platformShippingPrice boolean | null Required

      Platform shipping price

      Default value is true.

    • Platform shipping provider

    • Platform shipping service level

    • platformStateCode string | null Required

      Platform state code

      Values are ISO3166-2 or none. Default value is none.

    • platformTags array[string] | null

      Platform tags

    • platformTax string | null Required

      Platform tax

      Values are default, manual, eu, or domestic. Default value is default.

    • platformTaxIncluded string | null Required

      To manage tax discrepancies between Onport and your vendors' stores, you can modify the relevant settings. By choosing the Tax Included option when the purchase order prices are listed in NET amounts, Onport will automatically convert and transmit these prices as GROSS values, factoring in the sales tax accordingly.

      Values are taxIncluded or purchase. Default value is purchase.

    • platformTaxRateId integer(int32) | null

      Platform tax rate

    • Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • platformTrackingRequirement string | null Required

      You can prevent shipments from being imported off your dropship provider if no tracking is available. This may be useful when vendors first mark orders as shipped and later enter tracking or if you want to sync orders to their platform but have them enter tracking from the vendor portal. If this is enabled, it may mean the shipments are never marked as shipped if the tracking details are not available in their store.

      Values are skip, enabled, or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • Prestashop shop group

    • productTypeFilter string | null Required

      Product type filter

      Values are all, include, or exclude. Default value is all.

    • productTypes array[string] | null

      Product types

    • purchaseNotes string | null

      Purchase notes

    • Purchase shipping label automatically

    • quickbooksId string | null


    • receiverRequired boolean | null

      Receiver required

    • reminderDays integer(int32) | null

      Reminder days

    • requireInventoryFeedVariant boolean | null Required

      Require inventory feed variant

      Default value is false.

    • requiresShippingApproval boolean | null Required

      Requires shipping approval

      Default value is false.

    • restrictionDays integer(int32) | null Required

      Restriction days

      Default value is 0.

    • restrictionDaysScope string | null Required

      Restriction days scope

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • restrictionTags array[string] | null Required

      Restriction tags

      Default value is [] (empty).

    • restrictionTagsScope string | null Required

      Restriction tags scope

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • returnDropshipProviderAddressId integer(int32) | null

      Return dropship provider address

    • returnInHouse boolean | null

      Return in house

    • returnLabelType string | null Required

      Type of label to generate when creating the return label on sale returns. You can either create a pre-paid scan based return label. Or, a regular shipping label with the ship-to/from addresses switched, so the items are send back from the customer.

      Values are prePaid or paid. Default value is paid.

    • returnLabels string | null

      Onport can automatically provide pre-paid return labels from your connected carrier integrations. The return labels are provided seperately from the outbound label. For example, you can provide a return label even if you are not providing the original outbound label.

      Values are none, manual, or onSend.

    • returnShipmentTrigger string | null Required

      Return shipment trigger

      Values are any or none. Default value is any.

    • returnShippingRateId integer(int32) | null

      Return shipping rate

    • returnsPolicy string | null

      Returns policy

    • reverseShippingInvoice string | null Required

      Manage how shipping rates are displayed on the customer invoice.

      Values are marketplace or dropshipProvider. Default value is dropshipProvider.

    • saleReturnCustomerStatus string | null Required

      Sale return customer status

      Values are default, requested, or finalized. Default value is default.

    • saleReturnRefundTrigger string | null Required

      Select when the payment should be refunded from the vendor, back to you.

      Values are none, any, draft, requested, finalized, shipped, or received. Default value is none.

    • sendOrderNotification boolean | null Required

      Send order notification

      Default value is false.

    • sendReminder boolean | null Required

      Send reminder

      Default value is false.

    • sendTransferNotification boolean | null Required

      An email notification will be sent to the vendor with a link to the vendor portal when a payment/transfer has been created. For automated payments with Stripe, Wise, or PayPal, a notification will be sent regardless of this setting.

      Default value is false.

    • sendingSchedule string | null

      Sending schedule

      Values are manual, immediate, or daily.

    • sendingScheduleHour string | null Required

      Sending schedule hour

      Default value is 9.

    • sendingScheduleMinute string | null Required

      Sending schedule minute

      Values are 0, 15, 30, or 45. Default value is 0.

    • setMerchantReference boolean | null

      Set merchant reference

    • shipmentFetchFrequency string | null Required

      Shipment fetch frequency

      Values are hourly, daily, or custom. Default value is daily.

    • shipmentRouting string | null Required

      Shipment routing

      Values are customer, consolidated, or consolidatedInternational. Default value is customer.

    • shippingEmail string | null Required

      Shipping email

      Values are company or dropshipProvider. Default value is company.

    • shippingEndpoint string | null

      Shipping endpoint

    • shippingEndpointFormat string | null Required

      Shipping endpoint format

      Values are ftp, json, none, googleSheet, upload, or xml. Default value is none.

    • shippingEndpointGrouping string | null Required

      Shipping endpoint grouping

      Values are order or lineItem. Default value is order.

    • shippingEndpointImportSeconds integer(int32) | null

      Shipping endpoint import seconds

    • shippingEndpointLastFetchedAt string(date-time) | null

      Shipping endpoint last fetched at

    • shippingEndpointMapping string | null Required

      Shipping endpoint mapping

      Values are default or custom. Default value is default.

    • shippingEndpointProblem object | null | array | boolean | integer | number | string

      Any of:

      Shipping endpoint problem

      Shipping endpoint problem

      Shipping endpoint problem

      Shipping endpoint problem

      Shipping endpoint problem

      Shipping endpoint problem

    • shippingEndpointPurpose string | null Required

      Shipping endpoint purpose

      Values are all or invoice. Default value is all.

    • shippingPhone string | null Required

      Shipping phone

      Values are company or dropshipProvider. Default value is company.

    • shippingRateId integer(int32) | null

      Shipping rate

    • shippingRates string | null

      Shipping rates

    • shippingReminderAdmin boolean | null Required

      Shipping reminder admin

      Default value is false.

    • shippingSetupStatus string | null Required

      Shipping setup status

      Values are pending, requested, complete, or error. Default value is pending.

    • Shipping setup status message

    • shippingTaxRateCountries array[string] | null Required

      Shipping tax rate countries

      Default value is [] (empty).

    • shippingTaxRateId integer(int32) | null

      You can manually set a tax rate for shipping in this setting. This may be useful if you wish to apply a tax rate different from the one set on the order imported from your channel.

    • shippingTaxRateScope string | null Required

      Select whether you want the manual tax rate to apply in all instances, or only for specific ship-to countries.

      Values are all or selected. Default value is all.

    • shippingType string | null

      Shipping type

      Values are rechargeShipping, generateShippingLabels, customRates, or fixed.

    • Shipping update extension

    • shippingUpdateExtensionDuration integer(int32) | null Required

      Shipping update extension duration

      Default value is 0.

    • shippingUpdateSchedule string | null Required

      Shipping update schedule

      Values are none, default, or manual. Default value is default.

    • shippoToken string | null

      Shippo token

    • Shipstation partner key

    • silenceAlerts boolean | null

      Silence alerts

    • skuFilter string | null Required

      Sku filter

      Values are all or startsWith. Default value is all.

    • skus array[string] | null


    • state string | null


    • status string | null Required


      Values are pending, accepted, onboarding, away, disabled, or archived. Default value is accepted.

    • stripeFlow string | null Required

      This will change how vendors will be asked to connect in the vendor portal. You can always manually disconnect or reassign Stripe contacts below if needed.

      Values are standard, express, or manual. Default value is manual.

    • stripeId string | null


    • stripeManaged boolean | null Required

      Stripe managed

      Default value is false.

    • stripeManagedEnabled boolean | null Required

      Stripe managed enabled

      Default value is false.

    • stripeManagedId string | null

      Stripe managed

    • stripePayout string | null

      Stripe payout

      Values are jetti or retailer.

    • stripePayoutSource string | null Required

      Stripe payout source

      Values are balance or customer. Default value is balance.

    • syncCompanyTag boolean | null Required

      Will add your company name as a tag to the order, when syncing with the vendor platform. This can be changed under Setup > Quick setup

      Default value is true.

    • syncDropshipTag boolean | null Required

      Will add the dropship tag to the order when syncing with the vendors platform.

      Default value is true.

    • syncExternalReturns boolean | null Required

      Sync external returns

      Default value is false.

    • Sync internal shipments to platform

    • syncOrderTax boolean | null Required

      Add the shipping and product tax lines when raising an order within the dropship provider's store. Currently only supported on Shopify stores. Only works when syncing a price on the order to the vendor's store.

      Default value is true.

    • syncOrderWeight boolean | null Required

      Sync order weight

      Default value is true.

    • syncReferenceTag boolean | null Required

      Will add the order reference as a tag to the order (e.g. #1234-01), when syncing with the vendor platform.

      Default value is true.

    • tagFilter string | null Required

      Tag filter

      Values are all, include, or exclude. Default value is all.

    • tagSplitting array[string] | null Required

      Tag splitting

      Default value is [] (empty).

    • tags array[string] | null


    • taxCalculation string | null Required

      Onport can automatically apply tax to the products and shipping on the order. Tax and dropshipping can be complex. As such, we recommend consulting a tax specialist to understand the most relevant setup for your specific circumstances.

      Values are disabled, taxjar, channel, or manual. Default value is disabled.

    • taxId string | null


    • taxIncluded boolean | null Required

      Tax included

      Default value is true.

    • taxJarToken string | null

      Tax jar token

    • taxNumber string | null

      Tax number

    • taxRateId integer(int32) | null

      Tax rate

    • taxShipping boolean | null Required

      Tax shipping

      Default value is true.

    • terms string | null


    • timezone string | null


    • trackingScope string | null

      Tracking scope

      Values are full or none.

    • transferTerms string | null

      Transfer terms

    • Transferwise recipient

    • updateOrderNotes boolean | null Required

      Add any shipping labels or packing slips in the vendor's store when marking an order as shipped in Onport. For example, on Shopify the shipping label will be added to the note attributes of the order. The tracking company and number will continue to be updated in their respective fields as usual.

      Default value is false.

    • updatedAt string(date-time)

      Updated at

    • useChannelShippingRate boolean | null Required

      Charge your customer a different shipping rate at checkout. If this isn't selected, the same shipping rate above will be applied to the shopping cart. This is only needed if Onport is providing live shipping rates in your checkout.

      Default value is false.

    • useCommissionRateEndpoint boolean | null Required

      API endpoint for sending the API payload for custom commission rate calculation.

      Default value is false.

    • Use dropshipment splitting endpoint

    • useGeneratePayloadEndpoint boolean | null Required

      Use generate payload endpoint

      Default value is false.

    • useInternalReferenceTemplate boolean | null Required

      Use internal reference template

      Default value is false.

    • usePdfEndpoint boolean | null Required

      Use pdf endpoint

      Default value is false.

    • userId integer(int32) | null


    • validationMessage array[string] | null

      Validation message

    • vendorPortalShowInvoices boolean | null Required

      The links/buttons to the invoice PDF will be shown. However, this will not impact the ability for vendors to access the payment report.

      Default value is true.

    • w9Form string | null

      W9 form

    • websiteUrl string | null

      Website url

    • xeroId string | null


    • zip string | null


    • zohoId string | null


GET /dropship-providers/{id}.json
curl \
 -X GET{id}.json \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "addressLineOne": "string",
  "addressLineTwo": "string",
  "addressRouting": "default",
  "adminNotes": "string",
  "anyVendor": false,
  "applyDiscountCode": false,
  "applyReturnPenalty": "disabled",
  "authenticationSecret": "string",
  "authenticationToken": "string",
  "automaticallyPickup": true,
  "automaticallySendLabel": false,
  "calculateCostPrices": true,
  "city": "string",
  "combineRates": false,
  "commissionGrossTax": false,
  "commissionMethod": "retained",
  "commissionPriceInventoryFeedId": 42,
  "commissionRate": 42.0,
  "commissionRateBase": "saleItem",
  "commissionRateDiscount": true,
  "commissionRateDiscountCodes": [
  "commissionRateDiscountScope": "all",
  "commissionRateDiscountSplit": 100,
  "commissionRateEndpoint": "string",
  "commissionRateEndpointHash": "string",
  "commissionRateFixedType": "deduct_by",
  "commissionRateShipping": 0,
  "commissionRateType": "percentage",
  "commissionReverseTaxIncluded": true,
  "commissionTaxCalculation": "disabled",
  "commissionTaxRateId": 42,
  "companyReferralId": 42,
  "countries": [
  "country": "string",
  "countryFilter": "all",
  "createdAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "currencyId": 42,
  "customCarriers": "all",
  "dailyEmailBatches": "split",
  "defaultAddress": "default",
  "defaultReturnAddress": "default",
  "defaultShippingCode": "string",
  "defaultWeight": 0,
  "defaultWeightUnit": "g",
  "discountCode": "string",
  "dropshipProviderAddressId": 42,
  "dropshipmentSplittingEndpoint": "string",
  "emailCopy": false,
  "enablePublishing": false,
  "eoriNumber": "string",
  "externalId": "string",
  "externalPaymentId": "string",
  "externalPaymentStatus": "ignore",
  "firstName": "string",
  "ftpShipmentImportDelimiter": "string",
  "ftpShipmentImportType": "single",
  "generatePayloadEndpoint": "string",
  "generateShippingLabels": true,
  "id": 42,
  "ignoreCostPriceAlerts": false,
  "importAdjustments": true,
  "includeCustomerEmail": "customer",
  "includeCustomerInvoice": "none",
  "includeCustomerPhone": true,
  "includeInvoice": false,
  "includeLabelInPackingSlip": true,
  "includeOrderSummary": true,
  "includePackingSlip": true,
  "intercomMessageId": "string",
  "internalNotes": "string",
  "internalReferenceTemplate": "string",
  "internalReferenceTemplateDateFormat": "string",
  "internalTags": [
  "inventoryRouting": true,
  "inventorySetup": "feed",
  "inventorySetupStatus": "complete",
  "inventorySetupStatusMessage": "string",
  "invoiceIssuer": "marketplace",
  "invoiceNotification": "staff",
  "invoiceReturnShipping": true,
  "invoiceReturnShippingType": "addition",
  "invoiceShipping": true,
  "invoiceShippingEligibility": "all",
  "invoiceShippingSource": "shippingRate",
  "invoiceShippingSources": [
  "invoiceShippingTax": true,
  "invoiceShippingType": "addition",
  "invoiceTaxSource": "order",
  "invoiceTemplateId": 42,
  "invoiceTerms": "string",
  "invoicingStage": "beforeShipping",
  "isValid": true,
  "labelCountries": [
  "labelError": "prevent",
  "labelFormat": "pdf",
  "labelName": "string",
  "labelRouting": "bestMatch",
  "labelScope": "all",
  "lastName": "string",
  "magentoAgreementId": "string",
  "magentoStoreId": 42,
  "minimumOrderRequirements": "string",
  "monthlyPaymentDay": 1,
  "muteError": false,
  "name": "string",
  "orderCarrierCode": "string",
  "orderCurrencyCode": "string",
  "orderEndpointPath": "string",
  "orderEndpointUrl": "string",
  "orderFlattenSeperator": "string",
  "orderFormat": "csv",
  "orderLanguageCode": "string",
  "orderMinimum": true,
  "orderMinimumAmount": 42.0,
  "orderPlatform": "api",
  "orderSetupStatus": "pending",
  "orderSetupStatusMessage": "string",
  "orderSplitting": "group",
  "orderSplittingEndpoint": "string",
  "orderStatusCode": "string",
  "orderTemplateId": 42,
  "orderTemplateType": "none",
  "orderUseProxy": true,
  "ostUser": "string",
  "packagingWeight": 0,
  "packingSlipFromLabel": "orderedFrom",
  "payAutomatically": true,
  "paymentCode": "string",
  "paymentDay": "monday",
  "paymentDayMonthly": "firstDay",
  "paymentDays": 42,
  "paymentMessage": "string",
  "paymentMethodId": 42,
  "paymentModule": "enabled",
  "paymentNotes": "string",
  "paymentSchedule": "daily",
  "paymentScheduler": "default",
  "paymentSetupStatus": "pending",
  "paymentSetupStatusMessage": "string",
  "paypalEmail": "string",
  "pdfEndpoint": "string",
  "phone": "string",
  "platformCurrencyId": 42,
  "platformCustomerExternalId": "string",
  "platformDiscount": "disabled",
  "platformExportReturns": "none",
  "platformInvoiceAddress": "company",
  "platformLocation": "string",
  "platformNotes": true,
  "platformNotification": "default",
  "platformPrice": "purchase",
  "platformPriceFallback": "zero",
  "platformPriceListId": 42,
  "platformProducts": "connected",
  "platformProperties": "default",
  "platformShippingCode": "string",
  "platformShippingCost": false,
  "platformShippingMapping": "default",
  "platformShippingMappingFallback": "default",
  "platformShippingPrice": true,
  "platformShippingProvider": "string",
  "platformShippingServiceLevel": "string",
  "platformStateCode": "none",
  "platformTags": [
  "platformTax": "default",
  "platformTaxIncluded": "purchase",
  "platformTaxRateId": 42,
  "platformTrackingCompanyRequirement": "disabled",
  "platformTrackingRequirement": "disabled",
  "prestashopShopGroupId": "string",
  "productTypeFilter": "all",
  "productTypes": [
  "purchaseNotes": "string",
  "purchaseShippingLabelAutomatically": true,
  "quickbooksId": "string",
  "receiverRequired": true,
  "reminderDays": 42,
  "requireInventoryFeedVariant": false,
  "requiresShippingApproval": false,
  "restrictionDays": 0,
  "restrictionDaysScope": "disabled",
  "restrictionTags": [],
  "restrictionTagsScope": "disabled",
  "returnDropshipProviderAddressId": 42,
  "returnInHouse": true,
  "returnLabelType": "paid",
  "returnLabels": "none",
  "returnShipmentTrigger": "any",
  "returnShippingRateId": 42,
  "returnsPolicy": "string",
  "reverseShippingInvoice": "dropshipProvider",
  "saleReturnCustomerStatus": "default",
  "saleReturnRefundTrigger": "none",
  "sendOrderNotification": false,
  "sendReminder": false,
  "sendTransferNotification": false,
  "sendingSchedule": "manual",
  "sendingScheduleHour": 9,
  "sendingScheduleMinute": "0",
  "setMerchantReference": true,
  "shipmentFetchFrequency": "daily",
  "shipmentRouting": "customer",
  "shippingEmail": "company",
  "shippingEndpoint": "string",
  "shippingEndpointFormat": "none",
  "shippingEndpointGrouping": "order",
  "shippingEndpointImportSeconds": 42,
  "shippingEndpointLastFetchedAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "shippingEndpointMapping": "default",
  "shippingEndpointProblem": {},
  "shippingEndpointPurpose": "all",
  "shippingPhone": "company",
  "shippingRateId": 42,
  "shippingRates": "string",
  "shippingReminderAdmin": false,
  "shippingSetupStatus": "pending",
  "shippingSetupStatusMessage": "string",
  "shippingTaxRateCountries": [],
  "shippingTaxRateId": 42,
  "shippingTaxRateScope": "all",
  "shippingType": "rechargeShipping",
  "shippingUpdateExtension": true,
  "shippingUpdateExtensionDuration": 0,
  "shippingUpdateSchedule": "default",
  "shippoToken": "string",
  "shipstationPartnerKey": "string",
  "silenceAlerts": true,
  "skuFilter": "all",
  "skus": [
  "state": "string",
  "status": "accepted",
  "stripeFlow": "manual",
  "stripeId": "string",
  "stripeManaged": false,
  "stripeManagedEnabled": false,
  "stripeManagedId": "string",
  "stripePayout": "jetti",
  "stripePayoutSource": "balance",
  "syncCompanyTag": true,
  "syncDropshipTag": true,
  "syncExternalReturns": false,
  "syncInternalShipmentsToPlatform": true,
  "syncOrderTax": true,
  "syncOrderWeight": true,
  "syncReferenceTag": true,
  "tagFilter": "all",
  "tagSplitting": [],
  "tags": [
  "taxCalculation": "disabled",
  "taxId": "string",
  "taxIncluded": true,
  "taxJarToken": "string",
  "taxNumber": "string",
  "taxRateId": 42,
  "taxShipping": true,
  "terms": "string",
  "timezone": "string",
  "trackingScope": "full",
  "transferTerms": "string",
  "transferwiseRecipientId": "string",
  "updateOrderNotes": false,
  "updatedAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "useChannelShippingRate": false,
  "useCommissionRateEndpoint": false,
  "useDropshipmentSplittingEndpoint": true,
  "useGeneratePayloadEndpoint": false,
  "useInternalReferenceTemplate": false,
  "usePdfEndpoint": false,
  "userId": 42,
  "validationMessage": [
  "vendorPortalShowInvoices": true,
  "w9Form": "string",
  "websiteUrl": "string",
  "xeroId": "string",
  "zip": "string",
  "zohoId": "string"