PUT /channels/{id}.json

PUT /channels/{id}.json

Path parameters

  • id integer(int64) Required

    Numeric ID of the instance

    Minimum value is 1.


Body Required

  • Address validation endpoint

  • addressValidationFinalize boolean | null Required

    Address validation finalize

    Default value is false.

  • aftershipError string | null Required

    When there is an error returned from AfterShip (e.g. if the carrier name was missing), you can select whether to pause sending the shipment notification to your store. Or, continue to sync the shipment with your online store despite the error.

    Values are skip or error. Default value is skip.

  • allocateDraftSales string | null Required

    Allocate draft sales

    Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is enabled.

  • allocatedShipments string | null Required

    If an item can not be allocated to a dropship provider or warehouse, you can either allow the customer to continue to checkout. Or, throw an error.

    Values are allow or error. Default value is allow.

  • automaticallyCancelSales boolean | null Required

    Automatically cancel sales

    Default value is true.

  • Automatically finalize sales

    Default value is true.

  • automaticallyPublish boolean | null Required

    Automatically publish

    Default value is true.

  • blendedPreference string | null Required

    Blended preference

    Values are dropship, inhouse, or routing. Default value is inhouse.

  • checkoutString string | null

    Checkout string

  • collectionEndpoint string | null

    Collection endpoint

  • connectToFeed boolean | null

    Connect to feed

  • connectedAt string(date-time) | null

    Connected at

  • createdAt string(date-time)

    Created at

  • Disable variant inventory sync

  • dropshipProviderId integer(int32) | null

    Dropship provider

  • dropshipRouting string | null Required

    Dropship routing

    Values are default or custom. Default value is default.

  • dropshipRoutingTags array[string] | null

    Dropship routing tags

  • dropshipTags array[string] | null Required

    Dropship tags

    Default value is [] (empty).

  • email string | null


  • enableFreeShippingCountries boolean | null Required

    Enable free shipping countries

    Default value is false.

  • exportToShipstation boolean | null

    Export to shipstation

  • forceConnectToFeed boolean | null Required

    Force connect to feed

    Default value is false.

  • freeShippingCode string | null

    Free shipping code

  • freeShippingCountries array[string] | null

    Free shipping countries

  • freeShippingName string | null

    Free shipping name

  • freeShippingOriginCountries array[string] | null

    Free shipping origin countries

  • freeShippingOverride boolean | null

    Free shipping override

  • freeShippingScope string | null Required

    Free shipping scope

    Values are all, domestic, or selected. Default value is all.

  • Free shipping threshold

  • hideWhenNoCostPrice boolean | null

    Hide when no cost price

  • id integer(int32)


  • imageSync string | null Required

    Image sync

    Values are bidirectional, jetti, channel, or inventoryFeed. Default value is bidirectional.

  • importFromFeed boolean | null

    Import from feed

  • importPaymentStatus string | null Required

    Import payment status

    Values are unpaid, partiallyPaid, or paid. Default value is paid.

  • importProductsSeconds integer(int32) | null

    Import products seconds

  • includeBackorderQuantity boolean | null Required

    Include backorder quantity

    Default value is true.

  • includeSaleTags boolean | null Required

    Include sale tags

    Default value is false.

  • inventoryFeedRemoved string | null Required

    Inventory feed removed

    Values are all or partial. Default value is all.

  • inventoryFeedUnpublish string | null Required

    Inventory feed unpublish

    Values are none, unpublish, or unavailable. Default value is none.

  • inventorySync string | null Required

    Inventory sync

    Values are all, inventory_feeds, or none. Default value is all.

  • manualSaleItemRouting string | null Required

    Some e-commerce platforms may add non-product items to orders. For example, a line item for the gift messaging with an associated price. Or, an order might be imported into Jetti with an item not yet connected to a product. When this happens, you may want to pause the processing of the order until the product can be associated with a dropship provider.

    Values are ignore or pause. Default value is ignore.

  • maxShippingCost boolean | null

    Max shipping cost

  • Max shipping cost threshold

  • Dropship providers have the ability to change the expected delivery of an order. You can select whether this could be any date. Or, restrict the selection of the date so it's only within a specific number of days.

    Values are enabled or disabled.

  • maximumExpectedShippingDuration integer(int32) | null Required

    Maximum expected shipping duration

    Default value is 0.

  • name string Required


  • negativeStock string | null Required

    Negative stock

    Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is enabled.

  • negativeStockLevel integer(int32) | null Required

    Negative stock level

    Default value is 0.

  • noRatesError boolean | null Required

    No rates error

    Default value is false.

  • orderRouting string | null Required

    Order routing

    Values are automated, manual, or ignore. Default value is automated.

  • Order routing endpoint

  • oversellingPrevention string | null Required

    Overselling prevention

    Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

  • parentChannel string | null Required

    Parent channel

    Values are bigCommerce, custom, duoplane, elasticPath, magento, manual, salesforce, shopify, or wooCommerce. Default value is manual.

  • pdfLegal string | null

    Pdf legal

  • phone string | null


  • priceListId integer(int32) Required

    Price list

  • productsImportedAt string(date-time) | null

    Products imported at

  • publishAdditionalTags array[string] | null Required

    When items are published to the channel, you can specify any additional tags to include.

    Default value is ["jetti"].

  • publishMetaFields boolean | null

    Publish meta fields

  • publishProducts boolean | null Required

    Publish products

    Default value is true.

  • publishProductsWithoutPrice boolean | null Required

    Publish products without price

    Default value is true.

  • publishTags string | null Required

    Publish tags

    Values are all or none. Default value is all.

  • purchasePrefix string | null

    Purchase prefix

  • purchaseStatusId integer(int32) | null

    Purchase status

  • rateLogging boolean | null Required

    Rate logging

    Default value is false.

  • requirePhoneNumber boolean | null Required

    The order will not be able to be finalized and processed if a phone number was not supplied by the customer. Jetti won't check to see if the phone number is valid (e.g. a valid US phone number), it will just check to see if a phone number was added. The phone number is typically provided by the customer and they are purchasing items in your online store. When enabled, you'll receive an email notification letting you know an order was imported if a phone number is not found.

    Default value is false.

  • requireVendorName boolean | null

    Require vendor name

  • routingPriorityOne string | null Required

    Routing priority one

    Values are none, country, costPrice, or inStock. Default value is inStock.

  • routingPriorityThree string | null Required

    Routing priority three

    Values are none, country, costPrice, or inStock. Default value is none.

  • routingPriorityTwo string | null Required

    Routing priority two

    Values are none, country, costPrice, or inStock. Default value is none.

  • saleCustomFields array[string] | null

    Select the names of the custom fields to be applied. E.g. vat_number, gift_note.

  • saleCustomFieldsScope string | null Required

    When importing sales from your channel, custom or meta fields may be applied. For example, the Customer VAT number of gift note. By default, none of the custom fields are applied to the dropship purchase order. You can optionally include all or a selection of the custom fields when dropship orders are raised.

    Values are all, selected, or none. Default value is none.

  • saleLogging boolean | null Required

    When connecting custom frontends to Jetti, it may be useful to log all incoming data for inspecting and validating. This will detail the payload send to Jetti and any errors encountered processing the data.

    Default value is false.

  • saleLoggingEmail string | null Required

    When importing data from your online store, you can be notified if an error is encountered. We'd recommend only using this for custom frontends, where developers are building a connector with Jetti.

    Values are none, initial, or all. Default value is none.

  • saleMetaFieldFilter array[string] | null

    Create an allow list of meta field keys/names to import on orders. May be useful when you want to exclude metafields being added from 3rd party apps.

  • saleMetaFields string | null Required

    Select whether to import custom fields on orders. Currently, Shopify orders will import all custom fields.

    Values are all, selected, or none. Default value is none.

  • salePrefix string | null

    Sale prefix

  • sendShippingNotification boolean | null Required

    This will trigger an email being sent to the customer within your online store. Jetti does not send the email. Instead, we'll notify your online store to send their default shipping email. For example, on Shopify, this will send the default shipping notification template.

    Default value is true.

  • Optional. Customize the reference for inclusion on commercial invoices. You can use {reference} for adding in the reference. E.g. "INVOICE_{reference}"

  • shipstationConnectedAt string(date-time) | null

    Shipstation connected at

  • shipstationPassword string | null

    Shipstation password

  • shipstationTags array[string] | null

    Shipstation tags

  • shipstationUrl object | null | array | boolean | integer | number | string
  • shipstationUsername string | null

    Shipstation username

  • skipLineItems array[string] | null Required

    Skip line items

    Default value is [] (empty).

  • skipTags array[string] | null Required

    Skip tags

    Default value is [] (empty).

  • skipVariantTags array[string] | null Required

    Skip variant tags

    Default value is [] (empty).

  • splitShipping string | null Required

    Split shipping

    Values are quantity, value, equal, full, or first. Default value is full.

  • syncAddressUpdates boolean | null Required

    Sync address updates

    Default value is true.

  • syncCostPrices boolean | null Required

    Sync cost prices

    Default value is false.

  • syncImages boolean | null Required

    Sync images

    Default value is true.

  • syncPricing boolean | null Required

    Sync pricing

    Default value is true.

  • Sync quickbook sales automatically

  • syncWeightZero boolean | null Required

    You may want to disable the syncing of weights if an item has no weight in your store. Otherwise, if you've manually adjusted the weight in Jetti or when fetching a dropship inventory feed, it might reset the weight back to zero again the next time the item is imported from your store.

    Default value is false.

  • taxCalculation string | null Required

    Tax calculation

    Values are channel, taxRate, or taxjar. Default value is channel.

  • taxId string | null

    This will be added to the "ship from" address the commerical invoices when shipping labels are generated. If the dropship provider has added their tax id in their settings, their tax id will be used instead of the value here.

  • taxIncluded boolean Required

    Tax included

    Default value is true.

  • taxRateId integer(int32) | null

    Tax rate

  • taxShipping boolean Required

    Tax shipping

    Default value is true.

  • unallocatedDropship string | null Required

    When finalizing an order, dropship items not allocated to a dropship provider. When this happens, you can either pause the order to resolve. Or, continue to finalize and process the order, allow the line item to be mapped later.

    Values are ignore or pause. Default value is pause.

  • unassignedSaleItems string | null Required

    Unassigned sale items

    Values are include, exclude, or block. Default value is include.

  • unpublishNoInventory boolean | null Required

    Unpublish no inventory

    Default value is false.

  • updatedAt string(date-time)

    Updated at

  • useOrderRoutingEndpoint boolean | null Required

    Use the Jetti API to automatically route and select the appropriate dropship provider during checkout and when finalizing orders.

    Default value is false.

  • variantImportScope string | null Required

    Variant import scope

    Values are product or mapping. Default value is product.

  • variantLogging boolean | null Required

    Variant logging

    Default value is false.

  • warehouseId integer(int32) Required


  • warehouseSync string | null Required

    Warehouse sync

    Values are default or all. Default value is default.

  • weightUnit string | null Required

    Weight unit

    Values are g, kg, oz, or lb. Default value is g.

PUT /channels/{id}.json
curl \
 -X PUT http://api.example.com/v1/channels/{id}.json \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"addressValidationEndpoint":"string","addressValidationFinalize":false,"aftershipError":"skip","allocateDraftSales":"enabled","allocatedShipments":"allow","automaticallyCancelSales":true,"automaticallyFinalizeSales":true,"automaticallyPublish":true,"blendedPreference":"inhouse","checkoutString":"string","collectionEndpoint":"string","connectToFeed":true,"connectedAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","createdAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","disableVariantInventorySync":true,"dropshipProviderId":42,"dropshipRouting":"default","dropshipRoutingTags":["string"],"dropshipTags":[],"email":"string","enableFreeShippingCountries":false,"exportToShipstation":true,"forceConnectToFeed":false,"freeShippingCode":"string","freeShippingCountries":["string"],"freeShippingName":"string","freeShippingOriginCountries":["string"],"freeShippingOverride":true,"freeShippingScope":"all","freeShippingThreshold":42.0,"hash":{},"hideWhenNoCostPrice":true,"id":42,"imageSync":"bidirectional","importFromFeed":true,"importPaymentStatus":"paid","importProductsSeconds":42,"includeBackorderQuantity":true,"includeSaleTags":false,"inventoryFeedRemoved":"all","inventoryFeedUnpublish":"none","inventorySync":"all","manualSaleItemRouting":"ignore","maxShippingCost":true,"maxShippingCostThreshold":42.0,"maximumExpectedShipping":"enabled","maximumExpectedShippingDuration":0,"name":"string","negativeStock":"enabled","negativeStockLevel":0,"noRatesError":false,"orderRouting":"automated","orderRoutingEndpoint":"string","oversellingPrevention":"disabled","parentChannel":"manual","pdfLegal":"string","phone":"string","priceListId":42,"productsImportedAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","publishAdditionalTags":["jetti"],"publishMetaFields":true,"publishProducts":true,"publishProductsWithoutPrice":true,"publishTags":"all","purchasePrefix":"string","purchaseStatusId":42,"rateLogging":false,"requirePhoneNumber":false,"requireVendorName":true,"routingPriorityOne":"inStock","routingPriorityThree":"none","routingPriorityTwo":"none","saleCustomFields":["string"],"saleCustomFieldsScope":"none","saleLogging":false,"saleLoggingEmail":"none","saleMetaFieldFilter":["string"],"saleMetaFields":"none","salePrefix":"string","sendShippingNotification":true,"shippingInvoiceTemplate":"string","shipstationConnectedAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","shipstationPassword":"string","shipstationTags":["string"],"shipstationUrl":{},"shipstationUsername":"string","skipLineItems":[],"skipTags":[],"skipVariantTags":[],"splitShipping":"full","syncAddressUpdates":true,"syncCostPrices":false,"syncImages":true,"syncPricing":true,"syncQuickbookSalesAutomatically":true,"syncWeightZero":false,"taxCalculation":"channel","taxId":"string","taxIncluded":true,"taxRateId":42,"taxShipping":true,"unallocatedDropship":"pause","unassignedSaleItems":"include","unpublishNoInventory":false,"updatedAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","useOrderRoutingEndpoint":false,"variantImportScope":"product","variantLogging":false,"warehouseId":42,"warehouseSync":"default","weightUnit":"g"}'
Request example
  "addressValidationEndpoint": "string",
  "addressValidationFinalize": false,
  "aftershipError": "skip",
  "allocateDraftSales": "enabled",
  "allocatedShipments": "allow",
  "automaticallyCancelSales": true,
  "automaticallyFinalizeSales": true,
  "automaticallyPublish": true,
  "blendedPreference": "inhouse",
  "checkoutString": "string",
  "collectionEndpoint": "string",
  "connectToFeed": true,
  "connectedAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "createdAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "disableVariantInventorySync": true,
  "dropshipProviderId": 42,
  "dropshipRouting": "default",
  "dropshipRoutingTags": [
  "dropshipTags": [],
  "email": "string",
  "enableFreeShippingCountries": false,
  "exportToShipstation": true,
  "forceConnectToFeed": false,
  "freeShippingCode": "string",
  "freeShippingCountries": [
  "freeShippingName": "string",
  "freeShippingOriginCountries": [
  "freeShippingOverride": true,
  "freeShippingScope": "all",
  "freeShippingThreshold": 42.0,
  "hash": {},
  "hideWhenNoCostPrice": true,
  "id": 42,
  "imageSync": "bidirectional",
  "importFromFeed": true,
  "importPaymentStatus": "paid",
  "importProductsSeconds": 42,
  "includeBackorderQuantity": true,
  "includeSaleTags": false,
  "inventoryFeedRemoved": "all",
  "inventoryFeedUnpublish": "none",
  "inventorySync": "all",
  "manualSaleItemRouting": "ignore",
  "maxShippingCost": true,
  "maxShippingCostThreshold": 42.0,
  "maximumExpectedShipping": "enabled",
  "maximumExpectedShippingDuration": 0,
  "name": "string",
  "negativeStock": "enabled",
  "negativeStockLevel": 0,
  "noRatesError": false,
  "orderRouting": "automated",
  "orderRoutingEndpoint": "string",
  "oversellingPrevention": "disabled",
  "parentChannel": "manual",
  "pdfLegal": "string",
  "phone": "string",
  "priceListId": 42,
  "productsImportedAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "publishAdditionalTags": [
  "publishMetaFields": true,
  "publishProducts": true,
  "publishProductsWithoutPrice": true,
  "publishTags": "all",
  "purchasePrefix": "string",
  "purchaseStatusId": 42,
  "rateLogging": false,
  "requirePhoneNumber": false,
  "requireVendorName": true,
  "routingPriorityOne": "inStock",
  "routingPriorityThree": "none",
  "routingPriorityTwo": "none",
  "saleCustomFields": [
  "saleCustomFieldsScope": "none",
  "saleLogging": false,
  "saleLoggingEmail": "none",
  "saleMetaFieldFilter": [
  "saleMetaFields": "none",
  "salePrefix": "string",
  "sendShippingNotification": true,
  "shippingInvoiceTemplate": "string",
  "shipstationConnectedAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "shipstationPassword": "string",
  "shipstationTags": [
  "shipstationUrl": {},
  "shipstationUsername": "string",
  "skipLineItems": [],
  "skipTags": [],
  "skipVariantTags": [],
  "splitShipping": "full",
  "syncAddressUpdates": true,
  "syncCostPrices": false,
  "syncImages": true,
  "syncPricing": true,
  "syncQuickbookSalesAutomatically": true,
  "syncWeightZero": false,
  "taxCalculation": "channel",
  "taxId": "string",
  "taxIncluded": true,
  "taxRateId": 42,
  "taxShipping": true,
  "unallocatedDropship": "pause",
  "unassignedSaleItems": "include",
  "unpublishNoInventory": false,
  "updatedAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "useOrderRoutingEndpoint": false,
  "variantImportScope": "product",
  "variantLogging": false,
  "warehouseId": 42,
  "warehouseSync": "default",
  "weightUnit": "g"