GET /inventory-feed-json-fields/{id}.json

GET /inventory-feed-json-fields/{id}.json

Path parameters

  • id integer(int64) Required

    Numeric ID of the instance

    Minimum value is 1.


  • 200 application/json

    Successful response

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • createdAt string(date-time)

      Created at

    • id integer(int32)


    • inventoryFeedId integer(int32) Required

      Inventory feed

    • Inventory quantity boolean

    • inventoryQuantityDefault integer(int32) | null

      Inventory quantity default

    • object string Required


      Values are product or variant. Default value is variant.

    • parseNumber boolean | null

      Parse number

    • path string | null


    • purpose string Required


      Values are barcode, compareAtPrice, costPrice, description, distanceUnit, externalGroupId, externalId, grams, handle, images, inventoryPolicy, inventoryQuantity, inventoryQuantityBoolean, metaFields, mpn, name, option, packingDepth, packingHeight, packingWidth, productType, requiresShipping, retailPrice, sku, tags, vendorName, or weight.

    • updatedAt string(date-time)

      Updated at

GET /inventory-feed-json-fields/{id}.json
curl \
 -X GET{id}.json \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "createdAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "id": 42,
  "inventoryFeedId": 42,
  "inventoryQuantityBoolean": "string",
  "inventoryQuantityDefault": 42,
  "object": "variant",
  "parseNumber": true,
  "path": "string",
  "purpose": "barcode",
  "updatedAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00"