PUT /template-mappings/{id}.json

PUT /template-mappings/{id}.json

Path parameters

  • id integer(int64) Required

    Numeric ID of the instance

    Minimum value is 1.


Body Required

  • attribute string | null


  • columnType string | null

    Column type

    Values are attribute, placeholder, or orderFlag.

  • countryFormat string | null Required

    Country format

    Values are full, alpha2, or alpha3. Default value is alpha2.

  • createdAt string(date-time)

    Created at

  • dateFormat string | null

    Date format

  • formatReference boolean | null Required

    Adds the prefix to the purchase references (e.g. #JET1001-01 instead of just 1001-01). This may be useful when you have multiple sales channels to avoid duplicate order references.

    Default value is false.

  • header string Required


  • id integer(int32)


  • object string | null


    Values are channel, company, currency, customer, dropship_provider, inventory_feed_variant, product, purchase_item, purchase_shipping_rate, purchase, sale_item, sale_shipping_rate, sale, tracking_event, transfer_refund, transfer, variant, or vendor.

  • orderEnd string | null

    Order end

  • orderMiddle string | null

    Order middle

  • orderStart string | null

    Order start

  • placeholder string | null


  • position integer(int32) | null


  • propertyName string | null

    Property name

  • stateFormat string | null

    State format

    Values are original, full, or abbreviation.

  • templateId integer(int32) Required


  • updatedAt string(date-time)

    Updated at

  • weightUnit string | null

    Weight unit

    Values are g, kg, oz, or lb.

PUT /template-mappings/{id}.json
curl \
 -X PUT http://api.example.com/v1/template-mappings/{id}.json \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"attribute":"string","columnType":"attribute","countryFormat":"alpha2","createdAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","dateFormat":"string","formatReference":false,"header":"string","id":42,"object":"channel","orderEnd":"string","orderMiddle":"string","orderStart":"string","placeholder":"string","position":42,"propertyName":"string","stateFormat":"original","templateId":42,"updatedAt":"2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00","weightUnit":"g"}'
Request example
  "attribute": "string",
  "columnType": "attribute",
  "countryFormat": "alpha2",
  "createdAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "dateFormat": "string",
  "formatReference": false,
  "header": "string",
  "id": 42,
  "object": "channel",
  "orderEnd": "string",
  "orderMiddle": "string",
  "orderStart": "string",
  "placeholder": "string",
  "position": 42,
  "propertyName": "string",
  "stateFormat": "original",
  "templateId": 42,
  "updatedAt": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "weightUnit": "g"