GET /inventory-feeds/{id}.json

GET /inventory-feeds/{id}.json

Path parameters

  • id integer(int64) Required

    Numeric ID of the instance

    Minimum value is 1.


  • 200 application/json

    Successful response

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • adminNotes string | null

      Admin notes

    • allocateInventory boolean | null Required

      Allocate inventory

      Default value is false.

    • allocationBuffer integer(int32) | null

      Allocation buffer

    • archiveReason string | null Required

      Archive reason

      Values are subscription or other. Default value is other.

    • Authentication secret

    • authenticationToken string | null

      Authentication token

    • automatedFetching string | null Required

      Automated fetching

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is enabled.

    • automaticallyConnect boolean | null Required

      Automatically connect

      Default value is true.

    • automaticallyConnectByBarcode boolean | null Required

      Automatically connect by barcode

      Default value is false.

    • Use this setting to link items to their original sales channel SKU, rather than the Onport-imported SKU, which is particularly useful for preventing conflicts with duplicate SKUs already present in your store inventory.

    • Enable this setting to ensure a vendor item is linked to the corresponding marketplace SKU only if their option values (such as color and size) are an exact match, enhancing accuracy in inventory matching.

    • automaticallyConnectPrefix string | null Required

      Automatically connect prefix

      Values are both or prefixOnly. Default value is both.

    • cacheChanges boolean | null Required

      Cache changes

      Default value is false.

    • cacheImports boolean | null Required

      Cache imports

      Default value is false.

    • caseInsensitiveSkus boolean | null Required

      Case insensitive skus

      Default value is false.

    • connected integer(int32) | null Required


      Default value is 0.

    • createdAt string(date-time)

      Created at

    • csvHasHeader boolean | null

      Csv has header

    • currencyId integer(int32) | null


    • decimalNotation string | null Required

      Decimal notation

      Values are decimal or comma. Default value is decimal.

    • delimiter string | null


    • diffPrevious boolean | null Required

      Diff previous

      Default value is true.

    • dropshipProviderId integer(int32) Required

      Dropship provider

    • enabled boolean | null Required


      Default value is true.

    • excludeTags array[string] | null

      Exclude tags

    • exportSkuThreshold integer(int32) | null

      Export sku threshold

    • externalIdStrategy string | null

      External id strategy

      Values are none or options.

    • fetchCleanup string | null Required

      Fetch cleanup

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is enabled.

    • fetchFrequency string | null Required

      Fetch frequency

      Values are never, hourly, daily, custom, or webhook. Default value is hourly.

    • Fetch frequency reason

      Values are manual, duration, planAllowance, count, plan, default, or custom.

    • fetchMetaFields boolean | null

      Enabling this option may affect fetching performance, namely if it’s a very large feed.

    • fetchProblem object | null | array | boolean | integer | number | string
    • fetched integer(int32) | null Required


      Default value is 0.

    • forceAllInventoryUpdates boolean | null Required

      Force all inventory updates

      Default value is false.

    • googleSheetTab integer(int32) | null

      Google sheet tab

    • handlePrefix string | null

      Handle prefix

    • handleStrategy string | null Required

      Handle strategy

      Values are externalGroupId, externalGroupIdStart, or name. Default value is externalGroupId.

    • hookdeckId string | null


    • id integer(int32)


    • importSeconds integer(int32) | null Required

      Import seconds

      Default value is 0.

    • importSecondsPartial integer(int32) | null Required

      Import seconds partial

      Default value is 0.

    • importTags boolean | null Required

      Import tags

      Default value is true.

    • individualProducts boolean | null Required

      Individual products

      Default value is false.

    • inlineInventoryUpdates string | null Required

      Inline inventory updates

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • intercomMessageId string | null

      Intercom message

    • inventoryEndpoint string | null

      Inventory endpoint

    • To streamline your inventory feed setup, Onport enables you to import mappings directly from a Google Sheet. This method eliminates the need to manually create each mapping within the dashboard, saving you considerable time and effort. To utilize this feature, simply provide the URL of your Google Sheet in the text input below. Ensure your sheet is correctly formatted and shared for Onport to access. For a seamless start, you can use our example sheet: Google Sheet Example - clone this sheet and customize it to fit your inventory needs. Additionally, if you're uncertain how to enable sharing for your Google Sheet, please refer to this instructional video: How to Enable Google Sheet Sharing for Onport. This feature ensures that Onport automatically imports your mappings, facilitating a more efficient data fetch for your inventory feed.

      Maximum length is 255.

    • inventoryLocationMetafields array[string] | null Required

      This feature allows you to sync inventory quantities stored in metafields specific to different locations directly to your marketplace. By configuring these metafields, you can ensure accurate inventory management across multiple locations.

      Most vendors typically do not use metafields for location-specific inventory tracking. However, if your vendor does use metafields to store inventory quantities for different locations, this feature will be highly beneficial for syncing this information seamlessly to your marketplace.

      Default value is [] (empty).

    • inventoryPolicy string | null Required

      Inventory policy

      Values are default, ignore, continue, or track. Default value is default.

    • inventoryPolicySync boolean | null Required

      Inventory policy sync

      Default value is true.

    • Inventory quantity field

    • inventoryRestrictionLevel integer(int32) | null Required

      Inventory restriction level

      Default value is 0.

    • inventorySync string | null Required

      Inventory sync

      Values are all, selected, or none. Default value is all.

    • isValid boolean | null Required

      Is valid

      Default value is true.

    • jsonMapping string | null Required

      Json mapping

      Values are default or custom. Default value is default.

    • jsonRoot string | null

      Json root

    • jsonStructure string | null Required

      Json structure

      Values are nested or flat. Default value is nested.

    • lastFetchedAt string(date-time) | null

      Last fetched at

    • lastFetchedFile string | null

      Last fetched file

    • limitHandling string | null Required

      Limit handling

      Values are fail or limit. Default value is fail.

    • locationFetch string | null Required

      Select how to sync inventory from the locations/warehouse in the vendors store. if you opt to filter by location, this may significantly increase times to fetch data and lead to slower times to update inventory. It's recommend only using this setting if needed (e.g. the vendor has allocation/segmented specific inventory in a location).

      Values are selected, all, or none. Default value is none.

    • locationIds array[string] | null

      Location ids

    • magentoStoreId string | null

      Magento store

    • manualFetchFrequency string | null Required

      Manual fetch frequency

      Values are default, hourly, daily, custom, or webhook. Default value is default.

    • mapping string | null Required


      Values are inventory, inventory_pricing, shopify, custom, publishing, or channelEngine. Default value is inventory.

    • mappingType string | null Required

      Mapping type

      Values are fetch or import. Default value is import.

    • metaFieldTagDelimiters array[string] | null

      Use this feature to automatically convert your tags into structured metafields, simplifying data organization and management. Specify the characters that you use to split your tags, such as a colon (:) or a pipe (|). You can enter multiple characters, each one representing a different way you might separate parts of your tags. For example, if you have the tag Genre:Fiction, enter the character : below.

    • minimumInventoryQuantity integer(int32) | null

      Minimum inventory quantity

    • muteError boolean | null Required

      Mute error

      Default value is false.

    • name string Required


    • negativeInventoryBuffer boolean | null Required

      Negative inventory buffer

      Default value is true.

    • overrideVendorName boolean | null Required

      Override vendor name

      Default value is true.

    • overwriteTags boolean | null Required

      Overwrite tags

      Default value is false.

    • Parse webhook endpoint

    • persistConnections string | null Required

      Enable this option to prevent connections from automatically updating connections between vendor and marketplace items when underlying vendor attributes (e.g., SKU, barcode) change.

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is enabled.

    • prefixHandle boolean | null Required

      Prefix handle

      Default value is false.

    • prefixName boolean | null Required

      Prefix name

      Default value is false.

    • prefixSeperator string | null

      Prefix seperator

    • prefixSku boolean | null Required

      Prefix sku

      Default value is false.

    • prestaShopLegacy boolean | null Required

      Presta shop legacy

      Default value is false.

    • prestashopBarcodeField string | null Required

      Prestashop barcode field

      Values are ean13 or upc. Default value is upc.

    • preventConnectDuplicates string | null Required

      Activate this feature to ensure that, even with auto-connect enabled, items will not be connected automatically if a duplicate SKU or barcode is detected in your inventory. This measure prevents incorrect item associations in the marketplace. When duplicates are found, an error appears, prompting manual verification and connection to the correct item. This process helps maintain accurate inventory management.

      Values are enabled or disabled. Default value is disabled.

    • priceChangeBase string | null Required

      Price change base

      Values are retail_price or cost_price. Default value is retail_price.

    • priceField string | null

      Price field

    • priceListId integer(int32) | null

      Price list

    • priceUpliftEndpoint string | null

      Price uplift endpoint

    • priceVisibility string | null Required

      If you have multiple vendors selling the same SKU, you can let vendors see the prices other vendors are selling the SKU for in their vendor portal.

      Values are none, full, or prices. Default value is none.

    • processType string | null Required

      Process type

      Values are default or push. Default value is default.

    • proxyUri boolean | null

      Proxy uri

    • publishChangesAutomatically boolean | null Required

      Publish changes automatically

      Default value is false.

    • publishProducts boolean | null Required

      Publish products

      Default value is true.

    • purpose string | null Required


      Values are publishing or inventory. Default value is publishing.

    • requireBarcode boolean | null Required

      Require barcode

      Default value is false.

    • resourceLocation string | null

      Resource location

    • resourcePath string | null

      Resource path

    • resourceType string Required

      Resource type

      Values are api, bigCommerce, channelEngine, channelEngineCsv, etsy, ftpCsv, googleDrive, json, magento, magentoLegacy, manual, prestaShop, salesforce, selz, shopify_csv, shopify, squareSpace, tradeGecko, upload, webhook, wooCommerce, wooCommerceLegacy, wix, or xml.

    • restrictInventoryImport boolean | null Required

      Restrict inventory import

      Default value is false.

    • retailPriceChange number | null Required

      Retail price change

      Default value is 0.

    • retailPriceChangeType string | null Required

      Retail price change type

      Values are percentage or fixed. Default value is percentage.

    • Review approved endpoint

    • reviewChanges boolean | null Required

      Review changes

      Default value is false.

    • Review rejected endpoint

    • sendNotification boolean | null Required

      Send notification

      Default value is false.

    • sendWebhook boolean | null Required

      Send webhook

      Default value is false.

    • skipped integer(int32) | null Required


      Default value is 0.

    • skuExempt boolean | null

      Sku exempt

    • skuField string | null

      Sku field

    • skuImportStrategy string | null Required

      In some scenarios, vendors may not use the expected field for storing the SKU. This allows you to pull the SKU using a Regex from the product name or description. Or, if the vendor stores the SKU in on of the option values. If no SKU if found using these advanced options, it will go back to the default value.

      Values are sku, name, description, or optionValue. Default value is sku.

    • skuImportStrategyOption integer(int32) | null
    • For example, you could enter /{(.*)}/ in the field if the vendor has placed the SKU in curly braces.

    • skuPrefix string | null

      Sku prefix

    • sourceLocation string | null

      Source location

    • stripTags boolean | null Required

      Strip tags

      Default value is false.

    • strippedTags array[string] | null

      Stripped tags

    • syncAllPriceLists boolean | null Required

      Sync all price lists

      Default value is true.

    • syncCostPrices boolean | null Required

      Sync cost prices

      Default value is false.

    • syncDescription boolean | null Required

      Sync description

      Default value is false.

    • syncEqualCompareAtPrice boolean Required

      When enabled, where compareAtPrice is equal to retail price. compareAtPrice will be synced when fetching inventory feeds.

      Default value is false.

    • syncImages boolean | null Required

      Sync images

      Default value is false.

    • syncName boolean | null Required

      Sync name

      Default value is false.

    • syncOptions boolean | null Required

      Sync options

      Default value is false.

    • syncPricing boolean | null Required

      Sync pricing

      Default value is false.

    • syncProductType boolean | null Required

      Set the product type for the item when publishing on the channel. For all channels except Saleor (e.g. Shopify), the product type will always be synced when publishing.

      Default value is false.

    • syncSalePrices boolean | null Required

      Sync sale prices

      Default value is true.

    • syncTags boolean | null Required

      Sync tags

      Default value is false.

    • syncWeight boolean | null Required

      Sync the weights from your inventory feed. The weight should be in grams in order to correctly sync with Onport and your online stores. You should ensure your vendor has complete weight information if using Onport's live carrier rates feature.

      Default value is false.

    • syncWeightZero boolean | null Required

      Sync weight zero

      Default value is false.

    • tagRestriction string | null Required

      Tag restriction

      Values are deny or allow. Default value is deny.

    • tags array[string] | null

      This can be useful for adding items to collections of categories on your store

    • taxableOverride string | null Required

      Taxable override

      Values are default, taxable, or notTaxable. Default value is default.

    • Transform image template

    • transformImages boolean | null

      Transform images

    • transformTags string | null Required

      Transform tags

      Values are unchanged, uppercase, lowercase, humanize, or dasherize. Default value is unchanged.

    • unpublishRemovedItems boolean | null Required

      Unpublish removed items

      Default value is false.

    • unpublishedProducts boolean | null

      Unpublished products

    • updatedAt string(date-time)

      Updated at

    • uploadPricing boolean | null

      Upload pricing

    • useInventoryEndpoint boolean | null Required

      Automatically set the allocation buffer for items using an API pipeline. Jetti will send a payload of data detailing the item and feed. The external service can then use that data to dynamically set the inventory allocation buffer. This will override the default value set in inventory feed settings.

      Default value is false.

    • Use parse webhook endpoint

    • usePriceUpliftEndpoint boolean | null Required

      Use price uplift endpoint

      Default value is false.

    • useProxy boolean | null

      Use proxy

    • useReviewApprovedEndpoint boolean | null Required

      The Approved Webhook allows you to configure a URL endpoint that will receive an HTTP POST request whenever an inventory feed variant object's review status changes to "approved." When an item is approved, the system will automatically send a payload containing the relevant inventory feed variant details to the provided URL. This webhook enables you to integrate your systems or services with real-time updates. For example, you could use this webhook to trigger the publishing of an item to a channel in Onport.

      Default value is true.

    • useReviewRejectedEndpoint boolean | null Required

      The Rejected Webhook enables you to set up a URL endpoint that will be notified through an HTTP POST request whenever an inventory feed variant review status is changed to "rejected." In the case of a rejection, the system will send a payload containing the pertinent inventory feed variant information to the specified URL. This webhook facilitates seamless integration to your external systems, allowing you to respond dynamically to rejected items. For instance, you might use this webhook to trigger a custom email notification to the vendor.

      Default value is true.

    • validationMessage array[string] | null

      Validation message

    • vendorName string | null

      Vendor name

    • vendorNameMetafields boolean | null

      Vendor name metafields

    • webhookEndpoint string | null

      Webhook endpoint

    • weightUnit string | null Required

      Weight unit

      Values are g, kg, oz, or lb. Default value is g.

    • xmlMapping string | null Required

      Xml mapping

      Values are custom or google. Default value is google.

    • xmlPath string | null

      Xml path

    • zeroNullPrices boolean | null Required

      Zero null prices

      Default value is false.

GET /inventory-feeds/{id}.json
curl \
 -X GET{id}.json \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "adminNotes": "string",
  "allocateInventory": false,
  "allocationBuffer": 42,
  "archiveReason": "other",
  "authenticationSecret": "string",
  "authenticationToken": "string",
  "automatedFetching": "enabled",
  "automaticallyConnect": true,
  "automaticallyConnectByBarcode": false,
  "automaticallyConnectChannelVariant": true,
  "automaticallyConnectOptionValues": true,
  "automaticallyConnectPrefix": "both",
  "cacheChanges": false,
  "cacheImports": false,
  "caseInsensitiveSkus": false,
  "connected": 0,
  "createdAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "csvHasHeader": true,
  "currencyId": 42,
  "decimalNotation": "decimal",
  "delimiter": "string",
  "diffPrevious": true,
  "dropshipProviderId": 42,
  "enabled": true,
  "excludeTags": [
  "exportSkuThreshold": 42,
  "externalIdStrategy": "none",
  "fetchCleanup": "enabled",
  "fetchFrequency": "hourly",
  "fetchFrequencyReason": "manual",
  "fetchMetaFields": true,
  "fetchProblem": {},
  "fetched": 0,
  "forceAllInventoryUpdates": false,
  "googleSheetTab": 42,
  "handlePrefix": "string",
  "handleStrategy": "externalGroupId",
  "hash": {},
  "hookdeckId": "string",
  "id": 42,
  "importSeconds": 0,
  "importSecondsPartial": 0,
  "importTags": true,
  "individualProducts": false,
  "inlineInventoryUpdates": "disabled",
  "intercomMessageId": "string",
  "inventoryEndpoint": "string",
  "inventoryFeedMappingUrl": "string",
  "inventoryLocationMetafields": [],
  "inventoryPolicy": "default",
  "inventoryPolicySync": true,
  "inventoryQuantityField": "string",
  "inventoryRestrictionLevel": 0,
  "inventorySync": "all",
  "isBeta": {},
  "isValid": true,
  "jsonMapping": "default",
  "jsonRoot": "string",
  "jsonStructure": "nested",
  "lastFetchedAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "lastFetchedFile": "string",
  "limitHandling": "fail",
  "locationFetch": "none",
  "locationIds": [
  "magentoStoreId": "string",
  "manualFetchFrequency": "default",
  "mapping": "inventory",
  "mappingType": "import",
  "metaFieldTagDelimiters": [
  "minimumInventoryQuantity": 42,
  "muteError": false,
  "name": "string",
  "negativeInventoryBuffer": true,
  "overrideVendorName": true,
  "overwriteTags": false,
  "parseWebhookEndpoint": "string",
  "persistConnections": "enabled",
  "prefixHandle": false,
  "prefixName": false,
  "prefixSeperator": "string",
  "prefixSku": false,
  "prestaShopLegacy": false,
  "prestashopBarcodeField": "upc",
  "preventConnectDuplicates": "disabled",
  "priceChangeBase": "retail_price",
  "priceField": "string",
  "priceListId": 42,
  "priceUpliftEndpoint": "string",
  "priceVisibility": "none",
  "processType": "default",
  "proxyUri": true,
  "publishChangesAutomatically": false,
  "publishProducts": true,
  "purpose": "publishing",
  "requireBarcode": false,
  "resourceLocation": "string",
  "resourcePath": "string",
  "resourceType": "api",
  "restrictInventoryImport": false,
  "retailPriceChange": 0,
  "retailPriceChangeType": "percentage",
  "reviewApprovedEndpoint": "string",
  "reviewChanges": false,
  "reviewRejectedEndpoint": "string",
  "sendNotification": false,
  "sendWebhook": false,
  "skipped": 0,
  "skuExempt": true,
  "skuField": "string",
  "skuImportStrategy": "sku",
  "skuImportStrategyOption": 42,
  "skuImportStrategySearch": "string",
  "skuPrefix": "string",
  "sourceLocation": "string",
  "stripTags": false,
  "strippedTags": [
  "syncAllPriceLists": true,
  "syncCostPrices": false,
  "syncDescription": false,
  "syncEqualCompareAtPrice": false,
  "syncImages": false,
  "syncName": false,
  "syncOptions": false,
  "syncPricing": false,
  "syncProductType": false,
  "syncSalePrices": true,
  "syncTags": false,
  "syncWeight": false,
  "syncWeightZero": false,
  "tagRestriction": "deny",
  "tags": [
  "taxableOverride": "default",
  "transformImageTemplate": "string",
  "transformImages": true,
  "transformTags": "unchanged",
  "unpublishRemovedItems": false,
  "unpublishedProducts": true,
  "updatedAt": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "uploadPricing": true,
  "useInventoryEndpoint": false,
  "useParseWebhookEndpoint": true,
  "usePriceUpliftEndpoint": false,
  "useProxy": true,
  "useReviewApprovedEndpoint": true,
  "useReviewRejectedEndpoint": true,
  "validationMessage": [
  "vendorName": "string",
  "vendorNameMetafields": true,
  "webhookEndpoint": "string",
  "weightUnit": "g",
  "xmlMapping": "google",
  "xmlPath": "string",
  "zeroNullPrices": false